Finansijski konsalting

Financial and business consulting

Pametnim savetom do uštede

Consulting includes a lot of activities and a wide variety of knowledge and skills.

Iskusni tim stručnjaka PINPOINT knjigovodstvene agencije svakodnevno savetuje vlasnike i menadžere kompanija u vezi širokog spektra poslovnih i finansijskih pitanja i izazova sa kojima se njihova preduzeća suočavaju.

Using our knowledge, experience and modern tools for financial analysis, we assist our clients in bringing critical decisions to scale their business to result in a measurable effects in terms of cost and time effectiveness.

Therefore, we have developed the following types of services based on the analysis of the needs and experience of our clients which are described in details below.

Set of services included in financial consulting

  • Incorporation of a company preparing all the legal documents and internal rulebooks required for a company to function in compliance with the law.
  • Analysis of the organizational scheme and recommendations to improve the organization
  • Preparing of business plans and models
  • Optimization of business processes
  • Implementation of internal procedures and establishment of internal control mechanisms
  • Assistance in implementation of a new ERP software
  • Financial due diligence
  • Financial controlling and CFO services
  • Capital and property value assessment
  • Balance structure analysis
  • Preparation of business plans and financial plans of a company
  • Preparation of business models and plans with various simulations
  • Financial planning (Cash flows and Income Statement)
  • Budgeting
  • Feasibility study
  • Preparation of investment projects and their assessment
  • Internal reporting and monitoring of business performance from month to month
  • Preparation of a company for external audit
  • Consulting on investments and financial decisions
  • Professional support during the negotiations with commercial banks and other financial institutions
  • Assistance in ensuring Government subsidies and other grants
  • Preparation of plans for the restructuring of debts
  • Preparation of restructuring plans for business activities, which will ensure settlement of financial liabilities etc…

The services we can provide will ensure a successful beginning and planning of your business and ability to review the business and financial situation of your own company which presents the basis for fruitful business transactions and investment with multiple benefit.