Accounting services

PINPOINT Accounting services

Accounting services

A reliable and dedicated accountant at your office or available externally.

U knjigovodstvenoj agenciji PINPOINT pružamo računovodstvene i knjigovodstvene usluge po meri bilo da želite da vodimo vaše računovodstvo u našim kancelarijama ili želite da obezbedimo kvalifikovanog računovođu koji dolazi kod vas, oba modela su nešto što praktikujemo.

We would like to emphasize that all the services we provide, from the accounting to consulting, are based on the long lasting experience acquired during our work with dozens of clients – small companies, start-ups all through to international companies.

Additionally, we always have a vision for the future and are committed to the latest information technologies, innovations and methods of practice in our business, all with the aim to enable clients to easily and efficiently collaborate.

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We are not only accountants but shall be at your service to help you enhance and improve your final result.

No matter whether you have initiated a start-up or you are a growing national or international company, we can support you at any step.

Our work is far beyond simple entering of numbers, we shall be your support to attain your commercial ambition.

Not only are you sure your accounting shall be in compliance with the legislation, but you shall have the opportunity to plan and implement your developing strategies based on reliable data.

We offer a comprehensive range of accounting services 

  • Control of the accuracy of the documentation to be processed, and posted respectively,
  • Accounting and posting of the available documents according to the applicable Chart of Accounts,
  • Bookkeeping in accordance with the Law on Accounting,
  • Payroll and benefits calculation, calculation of service agreement and other withholding taxes,
  • Analytical bookkeeping: buyers, suppliers, fixed assets, goods, production, materials, final products,
  • VAT records, VAT calculations, preparing of periodical VAT application,
  • Permanent training and advising regarding the implementation of regulations in the area of finance and accounting,
  • Business analysis and of financial indicators with the aim to ensure information to a client to bring the best business decisions,
  • External assessment of the competences and organization of the existing accounting service and proposed measures to improve the quality of work of offices,
  • Preparation of periodical and final accounts in compliance with the regulations and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Od knjigovodstva do finansijskog savetovanja, sve naše usluge zasnovane su na dugogodišnjem iskustvu. Pored toga, uvek imamo pogled na budućnost i posvećeni smo primeni najnovijih informacionih tehnologija, inovacija i metoda prakse u naše poslovanje.